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     Welcome to MidSummer Canaan Dogs, a small conscientious breeding program dedicated to  keeping the Canaan Dog healthy, with its typical character, and without losing its natural beauty. Not only do we strive to produce sound, efficient moving Canaan Dogs with appropriate size, type and temperament. Our vision further embodies the total versatility of the Canaan Dog, for in him lies innate potential to excel in any performance area.  Obedience, herding, agility and tracking, we are working towards producing the total package.

     All of our dogs are cherished family members and live with us in our home. Each litter is selectively bred and extensively socialized with our children, making our puppies excellent pets and family companions. Whether performing, hiking, or lounging around on a Sunday afternoon, the MidSummer gang is always in the mix.

     We are always striving to improve ourselves and advance our canine knowledge.  For that reason, we attend classes and yearly seminars in nutrition, breeding, genetics, training and conformation.  More than that, we are avid researchers, and pride ourselves on finding and using the best information available to rear our puppies. We are happy to share our knowledge with anyone who wants to learn more about Canaan Dogs. Please email us if you have any questions that you did not find answered on our site.

     Organized Parent clubs provide a means for education, collaboration, as well as standards and a Codes of Ethics for Breeders and Fanciers to follow. We are both active members of the Israel Canaan Dog Club of America (ICDCA) and the Canaan Dog Club of America (CDCA). Additionally, we belong to the Great Lakes Canaan Dog Club (GLCDC), a Regional Organization comprised of Midwestern Canaan Dog Fanciers.


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Jazz x Macc
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Show Invitation!
Lexi & Rocco earn invitations to the AKC Eukanuba Invitational
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